Cosmology of Consciousness: Quantum Physics & Neuroscience of Mind - Roger Penrose, Helge Kragh & Deepak Chopra

Cosmology of Consciousness: Quantum Physics & Neuroscience of Mind

By Roger Penrose, Helge Kragh & Deepak Chopra

  • Release Date: 2012-02-25
  • Genre: Science & Nature
Score: 3
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Cosmology, Consciousness, Evolution, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, and the Mulitiplicity of Mind
Table of Contents
1. How Consciousness Becomes the Physical Universe. Menas Kafatos, Rudolph E. Tanzi, and Deepak Chopra
2. Cosmological Foundations of Consciousness. Chris King
3. The Origin of the Modern Anthropic Principle. Helge Kragh
4. Consciousness in the Universe: Neuroscience, Quantum Space-Time Geometry. Roger Penrose, and Stuart Hameroff
5. What Consciousness Does: A Quantum Cosmology of Mind. Chris J. S. Clarke
6. Quantum Physics & the Multiplicity of Mind: Split-Brains, Fragmented Minds, Dissociation, Quantum Consciousness. R. Joseph
7. Logic of Quantum Mechanics and Phenomenon of Consciousness. Michael B. Mensky
8. Evolution of Paleolithic Cosmology and Spiritual Consciousness. R. Joseph
9. Alien Life and Quantum Consciousness, Randy D. Allen
10. Evolution of Consciousness in the Ancient Corners of the Cosmos. R. Joseph

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  • Surprisingly badly written

    By Pinkelk
    What a great subject, and with the name of Roger Penrose leading the authors, I was really looking forward to this. But after a few papers, I became disappointed with the quality of the writing, bad grammar, blatant repetition, wild speculation - and these are supposed to be scientists leading in their fields. What do you think about the parts you didn't write, Mr. Penrose. I would be interested to know.
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