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  • Around the Bend

    By Indeed sleep
    At first I thought this was another poor little spoiled rich girl book. I wasn’t in the mood for that, but I kept reading. Thankfully. I need many of the lessons and hope I ultimately found in this novel. A great book, a good read, a book that makes you think about what can I do to make ME better.
  • Great read

    By rmc1283
    I will definitely be checking out more from Britney King. Exciting and emotion-filled read.
  • Around the Bend by Britany King

    By Proctorasshole
    This was such a great reading experience with an extremely strong female protagonist that many females, as myself, love to be immersed completely into. Living life to its fullest is the main point or reasoning everyone can strive to obtain from this amazing ebook. KSW
  • My Review for Ms. Britney King

    By USMCWifeRebekah
    I cannot begin to explain the many ways this book has touched my heart. As the wife of a disabled Marine Corps Veteran, a young woman with her own addictions and short comings, and a writer always looking for inspiration I want to thank you for putting your pen to the page and letting me live vicariously through Jess and Myles. I see so much of my husband and I in those two. I laughed, I cried more than I’d like to admit, and I shared every milestone of this story with many friends and coworkers. All of the words you have published and all of the emotions you have slaved through will be apart of me. As a fellow writer (amateur I must say) your words captured my attention from the first page to the last. Late nights in bed, breaks at work, and any free time I had, I was eagerly looking forward to continuing with Jess and Myles where I had last left off. Thank you for writing. I will begin to read your other works and I promise promise promise to give you feed back on those as well. -Rebekah S. Wife of USMC SS Slagle
  • Around the bend

    By seniorlove reader
    By Britney King avidreader What a great love story! I wept as I felt the pain of Jess and her struggles. The love that she felt and the joy of a great love that sustained her through her life was a wonderful inspiration. Thank you for this book.
  • Deceit at its best

    By Mom22boys!
    Catty socialites. Love. Lies. Tragedy. This book has it all. In the interest of honesty, this is my first review ever because of the gazillion free novels I’ve read, this is the first to compare with the NewYork Times best sellers. Another first...going to purchase the next recommended book from this author.
  • Around the Bend...

    By AnitaInPhoenix
    Oh my gosh, this has been one of the best reads, in a long list of books. You totally unexpectedly caught me off guard. I cried, and cried with Jess, until the end! Now I better get some housework done! ~AnitaT.
  • An unexpected pleasant surprise!!!

    By Trijen6
    I download a couple books at a time and didn’t recheck the book description before reading. I loved this! When you have no idea the outcome and then have your heart bared raw to where you question your own reactions to life events, you know you have read something great! Thanks Britney!!!
  • Very well written

    By Brbaskets
    I was hesitant to download this book, but I’m so glad I did. This is a well written story that keeps you involved with the characters. I am looking forward to reading her other novels.
  • A wonderful story.

    By Alynnblackburn
    I loved this book!! I'll probably read it at least three more times!